Opportunities abound in the insurance industry

Opportunities Abound in the Insurance Industry

Whether you currently own an insurance agency or are considering acquiring an existing agency, this is a great time to be involved in the industry. Several contributing factors, including beneficial legislation, macroeconomic conditions, and a hard market resulting in increased premiums, have been catalysts to a continued growth in the insurance industry for many agencies nationwide.

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Preparing for an insurance agency acquisition

Preparing for an Agency Acquisition

You’ve paid your dues as a broker and you’re ready to take your career to the next level by purchasing an independent insurance agency. Or maybe you’re an established agency owner and want to broaden your market reach by acquiring…

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Insurance agency prices are on the rise in 2018

Insurance Agency Prices on the Rise in 2018

If you’re thinking about selling your independent insurance agency, 2018 could be a great time to make it happen. Several economic factors have come together to create a “seller’s market,” but there’s no telling how long this window of opportunity…

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Leverage technology to improve efficiency and agency profitability

Using Technology to Boost Agency Profitability

When it comes to leveraging new technologies in business, many insurance agency owners are still in the Industrial Age. Fewer than half of all independent insurance agents use e-newsletters, text messages, social networks or instant messaging, according to last year’s Insurance Digital Transformation Survey, which polled more than 4,300 independent insurance agents nationwide. The majority also admitted that their business lacked key technology tools, like client portals and claims download. Given that digital tools are practically ingrained in the DNA of Millennial clients and commonly used by Gen Xers, agency owners and brokers who omit these options could not only fall behind the competition, but flat out miss reaching a significant segment of the marketplace.

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How to increase the value of your business before you sell your insurance agency

How to Increase Your Agency Value Before You Sell

When it comes time to sell your insurance agency, you want to get top dollar for the business. Whether a prospective buyer agrees with you about what the agency is worth is a different matter. The current practice for agency valuations is more complicated than just calculating a multiple for retained commissions. Discover what prospective buyers are looking for, and how to drive significant value for the business in anticipation of a sale.

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Should you buy a book of business?

Why Buy a Book of Business?

If you dream of running your own insurance agency, you can follow various paths to make the vision a reality. You could start from scratch and build your client base, purchase an established agency, or purchase a book of business. The latter option often provides an easy point of entry for brokers who are just starting out, as well as a cost-effective option for those who want to expand an existing agency quickly.

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Exit Your Insurance Agency Gracefully

How to Plan a Graceful Exit from Your Insurance Agency

A good business exit strategy can take years to come together, because businesses are the least liquid investment you can make. Much of the value of your insurance agency resides in intangible elements, like your relationships with vendors and clients, your ability to manage employees, your attention to detail, and your vision for the future. If you are considering selling your insurance agency, you need a great exit strategy to ensure that you get the full value of your business.

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So You Want to Buy an Insurance Agency

So, You Want to Buy an Insurance Agency?

Demand from individuals wanting to buy an insurance agency has been strong for the past several years, which is great news for sellers. The flip side is that the seller’s market can make it hard for buyers, who are facing more competition and need to be savvy to get a good value. If you are considering an insurance agency acquisition, here are a few factors that can help you distinguish a great deal from a bad egg.

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Avoid Common Mistakes Agency Sellers Make

Five Common Mistakes Insurance Agency Sellers Make

Mergers and acquisitions are not for the faint of heart, and a successful transaction takes patience, careful planning, and rigorous due diligence. Many independent insurance agency owners looking to sell their agency underestimate the time and expertise involved in coordinating…

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Smart Strategies to Finance Insurance Agency Growth

One of the most exciting aspects of owning an independent insurance agency is growing the business. Building a solid team and expanding operations are gratifying experiences that make the long hours and effort needed to establish a strong client base worthwhile. But, growing an agency is not without its challenges, foremost of which often is finding the necessary capital for expansion. Learn where to look–and where not to–for the funds to grow your business.

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What Does It Take to Qualify for an Agency Loan?

Whether they want to hire new producers, launch a marketing campaign, buy a book of business or transfer the agency to a family member, an agency owner generally will need to arrange an agency loan to fulfill their plans. Since most insurance agencies have limited access to capital from banks, working with a broker who has connections to multiple specialty lenders is a smart solution. Rather than asking the agency owner to put up personal assets or real property as collateral, these lenders can put together loan packages based on three primary criteria…

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Why You Need a Perpetuation Plan

Many independent insurance agency owners build their business with the goal of selling the agency when they reach their 60s or 70s and using the proceeds to fund a comfortable retirement. But what happens if things don’t go as planned? A downturn in the business market—or worse, the death of the owner—can force an unplanned or unfavorable sale, which could have a negative impact on the owner, owner’s heirs, or agency employees.

The 2014 Future One Agency Universe Study estimates that 14 percent of independent agencies do not have a perpetuation plan in place, although industry insiders believe the number is much higher. Often, agency owners are so focused on managing the day-to-day business that they don’t consider what the future may hold. Here are three approaches to business perpetuation planning that can help ensure that your independent agency continues when you are no longer at the helm, and also ensure that you get the most value from your business while facilitating a smooth transition to new ownership.

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The Best Financing Options for Your Agency

As more Baby Boomers near retirement age, an estimated 50% to 75% of U.S. insurance agencies will transition ownership within the next ten years. However, both buyers and sellers are finding themselves in a difficult situation, because most traditional lenders…

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Insurance Agency Listings – December 2013 Edition

Springtree Group is pleased to present the December 2013 insurance agency listings for independent brokers and agents. National activity for the year has been average to good. The seller’s market for independent agencies was prevalent all year, as was the buyer’s market in the captive arena. The firming of P&C pricing in most sectors caused selling multiples to lift in anticipation.

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Springtree Group Announces Merger of Nihill Insurance Agency and Ascension Insurance Agency

The Ascension Insurance Agency, based in Leander, Texas, will be merging with the Nihill Agency, located in Spring Branch, Texas. This transaction closed on October the 29th, 2013 and was led by Paul Nihill, Principal of the Nihill Agency; Janie Lua, Principal of Ascension; and Springtree Group CEO, Sam Patterson.

“The merger of these insurance firms helps reinforce a sustainable and marked advantage for our highly acclaimed insurance operations. The addition of the Ascension organization and client base significantly enhances our position as a leading provider of insurance services in the Texas Hill Country,” said Nihill. “Ascension’s clients will benefit from emphasizing top of scale customer service, programs, claims experience, integrated client relations as well as the addition of seasoned staff and resources.”

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Springtree Group and Premium Finance Associates Announce New Jointly Owned Marketing Company – Insurance Agent Loan

The Springtree Group (STG), a national leader in providing a full spectrum of M&A and lending services to agents and brokers in the insurance industry, and Premium Finance Associates (PFA), a specialized marketer and manager of financing services for Property & Casualty policies on October 9th jointly announced the formation of a new insurance marketing venture.

The agreement calls for the development of a new jointly owned marketing company, Insurance Agent Loan (IAL). The two companies will pool resources and intellectual property to speed the development and adoption of financial products and services to support increased productivity, growth and profitability of Insurance Brokers and Agents.

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Navigating the Insurance M&A Jungle

Finding your way through the complex insurance M&A process can be as difficult as cutting through the thicket of a jungle. Amidst the dense vegetation are hidden dangers and unique obstacles that can quickly lead to trouble. But navigating what is to you, uncultivated land, can be much smoother and safer with the help of a knowledgeable and experienced third party — a Mergers and Acquisition advisor.

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Springtree Group Represents Independent Insurance Group Benefits in Merger with Marsh & McLennan Agency

Springtree Group (STG), a Mergers and Acquisition consulting and financial support firm, announced its successful representation of Independent Insurance Group Benefits of Dallas in its merger with Marsh & McLennan Agency. Independent Insurance Group Benefits is an insurance brokerage firm specializing in group employee benefits. Marsh & McLennan…

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End-of-Year Deals: Insurance Agencies for Sale

As the year winds down, we are pleased to report that our ever-growing group of nearly 5,000 business intermediaries has provided us with a fresh crop of seller leads from independent insurance agencies and brokerages throughout North America (including Canada). As…

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April Buying Opportunities

In the April edition of Insurance Agent and Broker Buying Opportunities provided to our subscription clients, we have more than a dozen confidential listings reaching from Central Florida to California. We work to provide our clients with these highly confidential…

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March Buying Opportunities

Each month, we provide highly confidential listings of insurance agency and broker buying opportunities to our subscription clients. We communicate regularly with our network of more than 3,100 business intermediaries as well our network of consultants, attorneys, CPAs, bankers, DOIs…

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Springtree Group Partners with Vantage Agora

Vantage Agora Inc., a provider of back office processing, systems integration, custom application development to insurance and finance companies, today announced a formal development and marketing partnership with the Springtree Group, a leader in providing a full spectrum of financial…

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