Insurance Agencies for Sale

Insurance entrepreneurs frequently ask Springtree Group (STG) about agencies currently available to be purchased. We work for both buyers and sellers in the insurance space and, to this end, STG has assembled a unique monthly publication of Agency for Sale notices (Sales Alerts). This publication outlines insurance agencies of all types available to be purchased throughout the United States.

Our sources for potential opportunities are developed through our in-house research group, custom built outbound telemarketing programs, and direct contact made by and to sellers. This pipeline is supplemented by our large network of sell-side business brokers, industry consultants, attorneys, our lending underwriters, and a large number of deals made available from broken financing transactions.

There are various ways to buy an insurance agency. With a small business, one of the most preferred strategies is merely acquiring it directly from the owner. This can be a good approach for an experienced transaction person; yet, if the buyer has not conducted a M&A process before, he may want to consider letting Springtree Group assist in the process.

Success in business inevitably boils down to instincts, business knowledge, and hard work. Let our knowledge, instincts and experience serve you well in the acquisition process. You might not have discovered the business of your dreams yet, but you have a good chance of discovering a company that can become the business of your dreams with the help of Springtree Group.

Being associated with STG provides you access to the strongest array of M&A, agency lending tools and financial services available to support your acquisition, perpetuation and operational needs in any part of North America. Call us at (972) 395-8811, and let us help you buy or sell an insurance agency to achieve your financial goals.


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