Agency Funding Resources

Agency funding can be difficult to find, particularly for independent insurance brokerages with annual commissions and fees under $10 million. Whether Springtree Group funds the acquisition of an insurance organization or simply provides growth capital through leverage or investment, we deliver business owners and company executives with the operational and financial resources to continue to capitalize on the success of the company. We focus on supporting both the business and personal goals of our clients.

Agency owners know how difficult it is to gain access to capital to grow an insurance brokerage or agency. Most lenders will just not lend to companies that do not have hard assets to lien against. Our lending product portfolio mix delivers a unique and very specialized group of loan packages. Equity, seller notes, commissions and / or hard assets can be used as collateral.

Our loan portfolio includes a number of different types of programs, including traditional business loans, SBA-backed loan programs, equity packages and, very importantly, packages from selected preeminent special purpose lenders. Each lender incorporates specific underwriting appetites and different lending criteria into their packages.

As a company, we select, orient and manage lending organizations to assure that STG criteria are met and, most importantly, that our clients have as many liquidity options as possible. A foundational component of our work at STG centers around providing and securing those resources for agency owners.

In some cases, the owner’s goal is to buy out a partner, purchase a book of business, sell a portion of the company, look for a new insurance agency for sale, or take some money off of the table. We support the goals that most owners have in wanting the opportunity to monetize their life’s work while at the same time continuing to build something bigger, protect clients, and provide a platform from which employees can prosper.

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