Springtree Group General Capabilities

There are more than 400,000 insurance agencies in the U.S., the vast majority of which have annual revenues less than $5 million. In fact, the average agency in the U.S. generates approximately $1 million revenue per year. Built from the ground up by their owners, these small to mid-sized agencies face unique management and financial challenges, particularly when it comes to structuring the purchase or sale of the business.

Springtree Group is uniquely positioned to serve this specialized market, offering a full spectrum of M&A and financing services to insurance agencies with under $5 million of annual revenues.

For Baby Boomers planning to retire in the next five to ten years, Springtree Group has particular expertise in managing these ownership transition events. We facilitate the business transfer through a four-step process.

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Insurance Agency Financing Solutions

The average age of an insurance agency owner is 59, and most are looking toward retirement in the near future. Experts estimate three out of four agencies in the U.S. will transition in the next ten years. These transition events include perpetuation, buy-outs, mergers, book purchases, and agency sales. The challenge is that few lenders will finance deals in this space, leaving owners and prospective buyers without the means to fund a transaction.

Springtree Group is uniquely qualified to help agencies with annual revenues under $5 million, offering a broad range of options for mergers, acquisitions and transition financing. With a commitment to strict confidentiality and established relationships with multiple lenders, STG can provide unique lending tools to help you structure a successful business transfer.

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