Key Factors that Lead Insurance Agency Owners to Sell

At Springtree Group, we speak with hundreds of insurance agency owners annually, most of whom are motivated to sell their agencies. Most often, we encounter the following key factors that lead insurance agency owners to sell:

Disillusionment With Singlehandedly Running the Agency

When an owner first launches or purchases their own agency, they feel optimistic about becoming the sole operator of every aspect of the business. Over time, though, being responsible for human resources, accounting and payroll, IT, scheduling, and legal issues in addition to managing clients and vendors can be so exhausting and overwhelming that the joy of owning the business evaporates.

If you are having these thoughts, and would prefer to return to sales and leadership, it can be an ideal time to sell your agency. We can build in the requirement that you stay on and lead the staff you have worked so hard to hire and retain. In fact, we can sell your agency to a larger owner who has an existing network and will handle your back-office responsibilities.

Over time, you will be able to rediscover the passion for insurance sales that motivated you to own your own agency. You will be able to focus on your clients, your vendors, and your staff, and the agency will thrive as a result. This outcome will suit both you and the buyer equally; you will love your work again, and they will reap the financial rewards for which they purchased your agency.

Chasing Further Success

Thus far, you may have pushed your agency to increasingly new levels of success. At some point, though, you will have hit a ceiling. Maybe you simply do not have the staff to take on more clients or cannot afford to open an agency in a prime location nearby. Rather than accepting that your agency cannot go any further, you can choose to sell and become one agency within a larger network. You will have instant access to a wealth of resources, including a wider carrier network, sophisticated capabilities, new products, and fellow owners who have experience clearing the hurdles you’re about to face.

If this sounds like a potential solution to your current plateau, reach out to Springtree Group today. We can lay out the options for your business and help you analyze the benefits you stand to gain.

A Change in Circumstance

Perhaps you wish to retire, need to relocate to care for an aging parent, or are facing health issues of your own. Whatever your reason, it is perfectly reasonable to sell your agency to take care of you and yours.

When you bring your situation to Springtree Group’s expert advisors, we will strive to secure a deal that works with your unique situation. A flexible buyer will consider unorthodox sale structures that benefit both them and the seller, especially if you wish to gradually exit the daily operations of the agency.

The Takeaway

No matter your reasons for deciding to sell your agency, we can structure a deal with the right buyer that will meet you where you are. Contact Springtree Group, share your story, and allow us to outline your options. Our goal is to make sure you are happy with your decision to sell. Trust us, and we’ll make it happen.