Should I Partner with an Insurance Intermediary?

As a specialized private firm that provides financial backing for private agency buyers and consultation services for sellers of the same, we frequently field calls from buyers and sellers who want to work independently. They would like to ask us for a bit of advice, but they ultimately prefer to stretch their funds by skimping on assistance. Are you also asking yourself, “Should I partner with an insurance intermediary or handle the M&A process on my own?”

Let’s look at the facts.

  1. Consider Your Bottom LineOpting not to hire an intermediary may seem like it would save you money. However, because Springtree Group offers an extensive range of in-house financial products and services, buyers will save time and money overall by hiring our team.

    Year after year, the number one reason deals fall through is failed financing. Don’t wind up in this common pitfall; opt to arrange financing with our firm. Due to our in-depth knowledge of the insurance agency industry, we understand how and when to invest in buyers.

    Sellers, you should know that advisor-led transactions stand to bring in net earnings up to 55% greater when compared to agencies sold without. The smaller your agency, the greater your risk of losing out on substantial offers. The final loss could significantly damage your financial outlook.

  2. Springtree Group Offers Guidance at Each StageOur team of experts will walk buyers and sellers through the intricacies of this unique business space. Unless you have sold or purchased several insurance agencies, you’ll likely be surprised at just how much goes into the process.

    IMPORTANT: Our team brings decades of experience to the table, and we specialize in this niche only. Why scramble to play catch-up when you could enter the process well ahead of the game?

  3. We Connect Funded Buyers with Prime, Prepared AgenciesThe agencies we represent have been vetted for organization, preparedness, and financial viability. As a buyer, you can save yourself the hassle of sifting through lists of agencies to select healthy prospects. Simply partner with Springtree Group, and you will be notified about new agency listings as soon as we have the info in hand. You’ll also be in the know when it comes to agencies that are predicted to move rapidly.


Sellers, once you plan to sell your agency within the next one to three years, it is time to contact Springtree Group. We will advise you as you prepare your agency for sale, transition away from your role, and arrange a sale that garners the best possible offer for your agency. You have spent valuable years of your life building, nurturing, and expanding your agency. The transition from owner to successful seller is delicate; we urge you not to fly solo.


Buyers, you have no time to spare locking down robust financing and choosing an agency on which to place an offer. You should know that excellent agencies are nabbed up incredibly quickly, and a limited number of these coveted businesses are sold yearly. If you are ready to add to your holdings, contact us immediately.