July 2019 Off-Cycle Sales Alert: Price Reduction!

If you’re actively looking for an insurance agency to purchase, July’s bonus Off-Cycle sales listing is for you. Today’s alert is a prime example of the investment opportunities Springtree Group continually provides.

When you are making your first venture into the world of independent insurance agencies, it can be difficult to find healthy agencies that are available for purchase. By allying yourself with Springtree Group, you’ll gain access to up-to-date listings through our expansive network. Often, our buyers will receive an alert that agencies are poised for sale before they are even listed for public purchase.

What’s the catch?

The catch here is that there isn’t one. Springtree Group thrives by connecting prepared buyers with motivated sellers looking to retire or leave the independent insurance business.

Our Sales Alerts are still packed with exciting listings available to the public. Becoming a  Buyer is free and simple, so email us today to get access to the complete list of independent agencies for sale.

Due to the confidential nature of many of our listings, the majority will not be made public.

This month, the agency we’re showcasing is located in the Pacific Northwest. Details are below:

This Oregon agency has recently had a PRICE REDUCTION! A nearly three-decade-old, full-service, well-established and stable P&C agency has now dropped its listing price. Product offerings include personal lines for home & auto as well as multipurpose commercial P&C insurance. Personal lines 55%. Commercial lines 45%. Top markets include Safeco, Progressive, Foremost, Allied, and more. Reported Revenue ~$206K / Asking price 2X Reported Revenue. Tracking Code: DORRD

Even in this year’s thriving insurance agency market, working closely with Springtree Group remains the best way to connect with qualified buyers and sellers of independent insurance agencies.

Springtree Group is the ONLY full-service consulting company that can facilitate every aspect of an insurance agency sale: not only do we bring buyers and sellers together, but we also handle the mechanics and the financing of insurance transition events to ensure the sale proceeds smoothly.

To view the listings that Springtree Group shared with the public earlier this month, click here.

If you’re interested in July’s Off-Cycle agency, or want to learn more about gaining access to our full catalog of independent insurance agencies for sale, email us directly at: Service@SpringtreeGroup.com.