What Makes an Insurance M&A Intermediary an Expert?

We discuss a wide range of mergers & acquisitions topics here on our blog and in our newsletters, but we believe it is impossible to overstate—or reiterate too often—the essential role of an expert who can lead you through the complexities of either purchasing or selling an independent insurance agency. Of course, this information is only helpful if you can identify what makes an insurance M&A intermediary an expert.

To be clear, navigating insurance M&A without an experienced intermediary will almost certainly result in a financial hit, and may ultimately cause harm to your reputation as well.

The characteristics of an outstanding insurance M&A intermediary include the following:

In-Depth Knowledge of Insurance M&A

 There is no industry in the country quite like insurance, and independently owned insurance agencies are an even more specialized niche within this market. Springtree Group has developed a unique process over our many years of experience in this precise niche, making us the premier expert in the M&A of insurance agencies earning $5 million and below.

Your sale or purchase of an independent agency can make or break your financial situation for the next decade. You owe it to yourself to ally with us, because no one will bring a more comprehensive suite of tools to your aid.

Access to Specialized Lenders

It is difficult for buyers in the private insurance sphere to access the mainstream pool of lenders that most business players dip into. Instead, lenders balk at the unfamiliar data when it’s presented and will simply refuse to back a purchase.

For this reason, the most common cause of failed deals in insurance Mergers and Acquisitions is failed financing.

Springtree Group’s in-house lending staff works on behalf of our clients to ensure that our buyers are fully funded and prepared to successfully close on a healthy agency within both their price range and preferred geographic boundaries.

As a buyer, you want this assurance to avoid wasting your valuable time chasing deals you’re not qualified to close.

If you’re a seller, you know that each failed deal will postpone your transition out of the industry. Whether you plan to retire, start a new business, or have a specific investment portfolio in mind, you want to work with qualified buyers who can close once they’ve presented you with an offer that fully recognizes the value of your business.

Access to an Extensive Network 

Springtree Group works with lenders, buyers, and sellers across the United States in addition to our network of industry experts to compile the most up-to-date listings each week. Because agencies are often sold before they’re officially listed for sale, our team’s vigilance and swift updates will give you access to financially robust agencies. The result? Access to opportunities that will bring you profits, not frustration.

Effective Communication

Your M&A expert must communicate clearly, accurately, and effectively with specialized lenders, employees, management, buyers, and sellers. Additionally, the entire operation depends on the harmonious orchestration of these moving parts throughout the long M&A process.

STG’s reputation for integrity, transparency, diligence, and innovation are essential to maintaining trust and communication with our network, our clients, and amongst our team. 

A Future-Focused Mindset

Our team is like an experienced driver scanning the road as far ahead as possible while simultaneously keeping track of everything in the rearview mirror. We analyze patterns from the past, compare them to the current landscape, then create an informed projection of the most likely scenarios to materialize in the coming years.

Don’t invest blindly. Springtree Group wants you to have the most accurate information about the present and the future. No one knows with absolute certainty what will happen, but then, few experts know as much as our team at STG.

To join our network of funded buyers, vetted agencies, and industry experts, contact us today.