Want to Buy an Insurance Agency? Why You Should Work with an Intermediary

Over the past several years, demand for insurance agencies has been growing steadily. While this is excellent news for would-be sellers, buyers must find the right balance between scrambling to place a competitive offer quickly and doing their due diligence.

As a buyer seriously considering investing in an insurance agency, you should be working with an intermediary: from funding to closing, no one will be more vital to your search, vetting process, and successful closing than your broker.

Springtree Group is a privately-owned company consisting of a multi-talented team of savvy entrepreneurs who combine valuable experience with long-standing strategic relationships to achieve consistently advantageous outcomes for our clients.

While the age of the internet can make it seem like anyone with an email address and the free time to search listings can be an expert, there are several key reasons why you should work with a specialty insurance intermediary.


  1. Intermediaries access and facilitate exclusive funding for their clients.


Insurance agency owners usually require a significant down payment to make their transition out of the business. If you can’t meet this request, you’ll be passed over in favor of buyers who can. Because banks are reluctant to offer loans against the in-force book of business for an insurance agency, customized lending products are usually required.

By working with Springtree Group, you’ll immediately be plugged in to our established network of investors and specialty lending companies, thus ensuring that your cash is available before it’s time to make that crucial offer. Your loan will be created specifically for the unique dynamic between you and the seller, with interest rates normally falling in the mid-single digits under ten-year terms.


  1. A successful, thriving intermediary will offer sound financial advice.


Successful brokerages remain successful by drawing on their own experience as owners/investors and guiding their clients to choose strong prospects. We will perform extensive due diligence on the financial position of a prospective insurance agency and connect you with businesses that, when guided by your business acumen, will be able to fully thrive.


  1. Your intermediary is more than a lone coach; when you partner with STG, our whole team goes to work for you.


As a highly qualified business broker, Springtree Group has decades of experience in this niche industry. We have facilitated hundreds of insurance agency acquisitions, making us uniquely qualified to advise prospective buyers on choosing a healthy agency and paying a fair price.

Our services span the full spectrum of M&A, all aspects of insurance agency brokerage, and include specialized loan options that are available exclusively to the community of insurance agents and brokers.

This is an ideal time to acquire a new insurance agency. If you’re serious about buying your own, the professionals at Springtree Group would be privileged to lend our inside expertise, eye for detail, and ability to facilitate swift transactions to help you pursue the success we gained through building, nurturing, and selling our own companies.