Springtree Group (STG) and Ash Technical Services (ATS) Announce the Details of Their New Strategic Business Partnership

Dallas, TX and Fort Wayne, IN (PRWEB) December 16, 2012

The current economic upheaval has been especially hard on the insurance and financial industries. To remain competitive insurance Agents and Brokers must become even more productive by uncovering hidden revenue opportunities, especially within their current books of business. The new STG/ATS partnership combines existing skills to form a Best-of-Breed service provider. The agreement calls for the two companies to pool resources and intellectual property to speed the development and adoption of products and services that increase the productivity and profitability of Insurance Agents and Brokers. For full details, please call Springtree Group at (972) 395-8811 or contact us online.


“We are pleased to come together with our new strategic partners at Ash Technical Services”, stated STG CEO, Sam Patterson. “Our mutual goal is to provide services that will increase profitability and competitiveness of Insurance Brokers and Agents both through the STG in house products or through our strategic partners”.

Ash Technical Services’ Managing Director, Jason Loveless stated, “Our two companies have unique complimentary skill sets that, when merged, will provide companies in this industry the advantage they need to enhance profitability as well as customer service in this difficult market“.

About Ash Technical Services
ATS developed a proprietary process for insurance professionals in order to add value to their client relationships, helping to mitigate potential tax problems and lower premium increases. The process is termed the Life Insurance Audit. This Audit is critical in situations where a business owns life insurance coverage on key individuals. Tax code changes in 2006 have made it imperative that all corporately owned life insurance be reviewed to ensure it is in compliance with the new code section. If not in compliance, life insurance death benefit proceeds may be taxable to the business.

ATS Life Insurance Audits reveal that 65% of existing coverage is underperforming, incorrectly priced or is inappropriate for the goals identified. This delta creates a unique opportunity to add value to your client and create additional revenue for the Agency, without ever giving up client control.

Please visit Ash Technical Services online at http://www.ashtechnicalservices.com for additional details.

About Springtree Group
Springtree Group, founded in 1988, provides M&A, advisory and financial resources to support the Insurance Agent and Brokerage community. The STG financial product portfolio mix provides a unique combination of Equity, asset based loans, as well as commission and SBA insured loans. STG brings together a complementary M&A and funding service package to this highly fragmented market space. STG is the only organization that can offer this extensive range of financial products and services custom developed and provided exclusively for the insurance Agent and Brokerage community.

Springtree Group, headquartered in Dallas, Texas provides services to the insurance sector in every region of the USA.