Springtree Group Partners with Vantage Agora

Vantage Agora Inc., a provider of back office processing, systems integration, custom application development to insurance and finance companies, today announced a formal development and marketing partnership with the Springtree Group, a leader in providing a full spectrum of financial services to agents and brokers in the insurance industry.

The agreement calls for the two companies to pool resources and intellectual property to speed the development and adoption of products and services that increase the productivity and profitability of insurance brokers and agents. In addition to this partnership, Springtree Group founder and CEO Sam Patterson will serve on the Board of Advisors.

“We are pleased to come together with our new strategic partners at Vantage Agora,” said Patterson. “Our mutual goal is to provide a unique complement of services that will increase the profitability and competitiveness of brokers and agents associated with us.”

Vantage Agora’s CEO & Founder, Sudhir Achar, stated, “Our two companies have unique complimentary skill sets that, when merged, will provide our existing customers and companies in the insurance industry the advantage they need to excel in this tough market.”

The current economic upheaval has been especially hard on the insurance and financial industries. To remain competitive, Brokers, Agents, Wholesalers, MGAs and Carriers must become more productive by shifting the labor now dedicated to tedious tasks toward enhanced marketing and improved customer service. The new STG/VA strategic partnership combines existing skills to form a best-of-breed service provider to speed transaction time and reduce labor costs.

About the Springtree Group
The Springtree Group (STG) is a private firm that finances, consults, acquires and/or invests in insurance related business service firms. STG is the national leader in providing a full spectrum of financial services and products to agents, brokers and insurance support companies. We are committed to providing unique and fresh options to business owners that will not be found with any other organization. Call us now with any questions relating to buying, selling or financing, or visit STG online at www.springtreegroup.biz.

About Vantage Agora
Vantage Agora (VA) is a provider of backoffice and IT services to small and medium sized companies. The company’s backoffice services are tailored to insurance and finance companies. VA believes that small and medium sized companies should have the same cost advantages that larger companies have traditionally had. The company provides small and medium sized firms with access to low cost, value enhancing services that give them a competitive edge in the market place. Visit Vantage Agora online at www.vantageagora.com.