Springtree Group, First Capital Funding Corp Announce Details of Mid-Cap Agency Loan Program

Springtree Group (STG) and First Capital Funding Corp (FCFC) this week announced the details of a new mid-cap agency loan program. The new mid-cap program provides a new option for insurance agents and brokers in need of loan packages above the $5 million limit found in SBA backed programs. This mid-cap program addresses the historical financing gap for those agents who need debt financing above $5 million.

Springtree Group is honored to provide the highest quality lending partners and services for our agent and brokerage community. With First Capital Funding’s mid-cap program, agents can leverage the revenue in their insurance agency to upgrade or expand, fund future growth and consolidate debt. The few traditional lenders that do offer loans to this difficult space typically utilize SBA back packages. There is a serious issue for those borrowers in need of amounts in excess of these maximums. First Capital Funding Corp in conjunction with STG works with large agencies to customize financing plans that suit the firm’s financial and business needs.

“We have had a serious gap in lending capability above the top limits of the SBA programs. FCFC has taken the time, research and apliied their considerable financing acumen and lending relationships to provide an industry’s first in the Agent and Brokerage world”, stated STG CEO, Sam Patterson. “Our mutual goal is to provide Mid Cap debt financing services to our larger clients while keeping to our goal of providing exceptional value. We continue to be dedicated in finding partners that own a specific understanding of the Agent and Brokerage arena like FCFC.”

FCFC’s President John Ronning stated, “Our two companies have a history and an understanding of what is necessary to support both the short and long-term financing needs of the Insurance Agent and Brokerage space. FCFC has an incredible past of customized lending programs built to address specialized market needs such as what we have found for the insurance industry. We are pleased to partner with STG, the leader in this space.”

About First Capital Funding Corp FCFC understands the challenges associated with businesses and the capital needed to compete in today’s markets. The professionals of First Capital Funding Corporation are a team of seasoned corporate finance specialists assisting mid-size businesses acquire financing. FCFC measures their success by making a difference in the life of business through the achievement of  financing that is not possible under a traditional lending atmosphere.

Please visit First Capital Funding Corp online at http://www.fcfc.us.com for additional details.

About Springtree Group  Springtree Group, founded in 1988, provides M&A, advisory and financial resources to support the Insurance Agent and Brokerage community. STG’s unique value proposition is bringing together a complementary M&A and loan service packages to this highly fragmented market space. STG is the only organization that can offer this extensive range of financial products and services custom developed and provided exclusively for the insurance Agent and Brokerage community.

Springtree Group, headquartered in Dallas, Texas provides services to the insurance sector in every region of the USA. For more information visit our website at https://www.springtreegroup.biz.