Springtree Group Announces Merger of Nihill Insurance Agency and Ascension Insurance Agency

The Ascension Insurance Agency, based in Leander, Texas, will be merging with the Nihill Agency, located in Spring Branch, Texas. This transaction closed on October the 29th, 2013 and was led by Paul Nihill, Principal of the Nihill Agency; Janie Lua, Principal of Ascension; and Springtree Group CEO, Sam Patterson.

“The merger of these insurance firms helps reinforce a sustainable and marked advantage for our highly acclaimed insurance operations. The addition of the Ascension organization and client base significantly enhances our position as a leading provider of insurance services in the Texas Hill Country,” said Nihill. “Ascension’s clients will benefit from emphasizing top of scale customer service, programs, claims experience, integrated client relations as well as the addition of seasoned staff and resources.”

“We are very excited to join forces with the Nihill Agency. Combining these two highly capable teams is a natural and complementary fit that supports our significant growth efforts in Central Texas,” said Janie Lua, Principal of Ascension Insurance Agency. “We were looking for a partner that shared our vision about our trucking specialty and are pleased that Nihill and Ascension are aligned. We are very optimistic about the future for both our clients and the opportunities that exist for our employees.”

About the Nihill Insurance Agency

The Nihill Insurance Agency is a private insurance firm with a proud history of serving the insurance needs of both commercial and private customers in central Texas. Nihill Insurance Services, based in the North San Antonio area has focused strength in personal insurance lines, commercial trucking as well as standard commercial lines.

“Our success has been a result of our strong focus on individualized customer service. We have been relentless in the personal attention given to client satisfaction, which is the driver behind our performance,” said Nihill. “We continue our focus to build our servicing capabilities in our market areas and deepen our involvement in one of our chosen area of expertise, trucking. We believe this merger will provide an even more stable environment for our clients, and employees,” continued Nihill.

About Ascension Insurance Agency

Ascension, located in Leander, Texas near Austin is a diversified insurance services company, providing a range of personal and commercial insurance products. Ascension, like Nihill, owns a particular specialty in trucking insurance. Ascension capitalizes on its central location on the North – South NAFTA trucking trade corridor in Texas. Ascension is highly respected for their personalized and hands on approach to this highly demanding insurance market.

About Springtree Group

Springtree Group, founded in 1988, provides Mergers & Acquisition advisory and lending / financial support services to the Agent and Brokerage community. STG is the largest North American Company of its type, bringing a highly specialized portfolio mix of loan platforms and M&A consulting services specifically built and managed for this highly fragmented market space.

Springtree Group is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and provides services to the insurance space in every region in the USA and Canada. For more information about insurance agency mergers and agency funding resources, call (972) 395-8811.