Springtree Group Announces Enhanced and Reinforced Strategic Partnership With Oak Street Funding

The recent economic upheaval was especially hard on the insurance industry. To remain competitive, insurance agents and brokers must become even more financially productive by utilizing proper financial tools to increase revenue and lower operating expense. Through its Strategic Partner Program, Oak Street Funding works with top flight companies in the insurance space, like Springtree Group (STG), to enhance the value of their business network and build greater allegiance by referring agents to a trusted source of operating and growth capital.

Springtree Group, the leader in providing the full spectrum of M&A and financial services to Insurance Agents and Brokers, today announced an enhanced and reinforced strategic partnership with Oak Street Funding (OSF), the nation’s leading lender for insurance professionals. The referral partnership provides additional funding options to STG client agents & brokers and makes available M&A services capability to OSF clients.

“We are happy to be a significant funding source for Springtree Group clients,” says Carissa Newton, Chief Marketing Officer at Oak Street Funding. “Today’s agents want to grow their business and we’re pleased to partner with Springtree Group to provide funds for acquisition as well as additional capital agents may need to grow their business.”

“Over the years our relationship with OSF has continued to grow and deepen. We now have a strong reciprocal relationship in which OSF is referring prospects to STG that have need for our Mergers and Acquisition services and STG is referring clients to OSF that are utilizing their portfolio of loan services, a true two way street” stated STG CEO, Sam Patterson.

About Oak Street Funding
Oak Street Funding (http://www.oakstreetfunding.com) is a family of diversified financial services companies that offers commission-based commercial financing exclusively for insurance professionals and third-party loan servicing for financial institutions. Oak Street Funding can be found on Twitter @OSFunding and on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/company/oak-street-funding.

Since innovating commission-based and commercial lending for the insurance industry in 2003, Oak Street Funding has exceeded $300 million in loan originations to insurance professionals against all types of insurance policies.  Well positioned by virtue of strong relationships with all major carriers, Oak Street is the leader in lending to agents, agencies, MGAs, and Program Administrators.

For more information, visit the Oak Street Funding website at http://www.oakstreetfunding.com.

About Springtree Group 
Springtree Group, founded in 1988, provides M&A, advisory and financial resources to support the Insurance Agent and Brokerage community. STG’s unique value proposition is bringing together a complementary M&A and loan service packages to this highly fragmented market space. STG is the only organization that can offer this extensive range of financial products and services custom developed and provided exclusively for the insurance Agent and Brokerage community.

Springtree Group, headquartered in Dallas, Texas provides services to the insurance sector in every region of the U.S. For more information, call (972) 395-8811 or visit our website at https://www.springtreegroup.biz.