Springtree Group and Semper Fidelis Capital Announce New SBA Loan Solutions Program

Springtree Group (STG) and Semper Fidelis Capital™ have announced a new SBA Loan Solutions™ Program designed for independent insurance agents and insurance brokers.

The new program provides many customizable options for insurance agents and brokers that allow them to choose their own pace and level of support, ranging from low-cost DIY templates and education to full-service SBA presentation and sourcing.

It is a Springtree Group imparitive to provide the highest quality lending services for the agent and brokerage community. Through the Semper Fidelis Capital SBA Loan Solutions Program, agents can leverage the revenue in their insurance agency to upgrade or expand, fund future growth and consolidate debt, improving cash flow. SBA Loan Solutions in conjunction with STG work with agents to customize a plan that suits the agent’s income, debt level, and plans for the future.

“We are honored to have a long and successful relationship with the Semper Fidelis Capital team and are pleased to have the opportunity to provide this new and innovative approach to supporting our communities financing needs,” stated Springtree Group CEO Sam Patterson. “Our mutual goal is to provide financing services that are simple to use, easy to understand and provide exceptional value. We continue to be dedicated to working with our partners that own a specific understanding of the agent and brokerage arena like Semper Fidelis Capital.”

Gene Blanton, Chief Warfighting Officer™ at Semper Fidelis Capital, stated, “Our two companies have a history of service to this very specific and unique market space. Our history of working with STG to develop an understanding of the business practices and financial needs of the insurance agent and brokerage market has taught us valuable and specific lessons in how to address the needs of this specialized industry. We are pleased to partner with STG, the leader in this space.”

About Semper Fidelis Capital™
Semper Fidelis Capital (SFC), a subsidiary of the Semper Fidelis Leadership™ Institute, provides access to numerous sources of business financing, from private investors to SBA-guaranteed and conventional bank loans. SFC helps entrepreneurs start, grow and successfully exit their business utilizing the Semper Fi Wealth Creation Doctrine™, Semper Fi Capital Navigation™ and Semper Fi Leadership™ System.

Please visit Semper Fidelis Capital online at http://www.semperfileader.com/ for additional details.

About Springtree Group
Springtree Group (STG) provides M&A, advisory and financial resources to support the insurance agent and brokerage community. STG’s unique value proposition is the bringing together a complementary Mergers & Acquisition and lending service packages to this highly fragmented market space. STG is the only organization that can offer this extensive range of financial products and services custom developed and provided exclusively for the insurance agent and brokerage community.

Springtree Group, headquartered in Dallas, Texas provides services to the insurance sector in every region of the U.S. For more information visit https://www.springtreegroup.biz/ or call (972) 395-8811.