September 2012 Listing of Independent Agency Offerings

For the month of September, we compiled listings for numerous independent insurance agencies and brokerages across the country. Springtree Group clients receive these confidential listings on a regular basis, giving them insider access to key seller information that often is not readily available. The entries below are a sample of some of the new independents provided to us in the previous month.

We continue to see slow activity in the state of Florida. Sell side brokers tell us that due to the Florida’s DOI approval of a 40% to 65% property rate increase, many sellers are waiting for their revenue to increase before going on the market. Also the summer slowdown is toughest for late summer activity.

For more details about any listing below, or to learn about other opportunities available in different parts of the country, please call us at (972) 395-8811.

SHOP B: Salt Lake City, Utah —Wholesale life insurance brokerage firm. Licensed in 45 states. Asking Price $650K / Reported Revenues $483K. Represent 35 carriers. 5 employees. 400 agency customers. 12 years old. Call for details.

SHOP C: Fontana, California — Asking Price $150K / Reported Revenue $102K. Independent insurance agency with a focus on auto, home, motorcycle, RV and motorhomes. Direct appointments with quality carriers in this space. 65% of book is non-standard auto insurance. Store front office with signage. Call for details.

SHOP E: Jacksonville, Florida — A&H Group Medical for both Individual and Group policies. Reported Revenue $210K / Asking Price $349K. Call for details.

SHOP H: Charlotte, North Carolina — Independent Insurance Agency – Established in 1953. 85% of the business is composed of personal coverage and the remaining 15% is commercial. Reported Revenues $125K / Asking Price $250K. Call for details.

SHOP J: DFW Metroplex, Texas — Predominantly personal line shop. Asking Price $225K / Reported Revenue (including broker fees) $165K. The agency has been in business for 32 years and is located on the Southwest side of the Metroplex. Most business written through GAs. Call for details.

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