When Selling Your Insurance Agency, How Important is Confidentiality?

selling your insurance agency
When you are in the process of selling your insurance agency, we understand the need to preserve full confidentiality. Your client contacts, agency processes, and personal employee information must be held more tightly when changes are forthcoming.

Naturally, this can present a challenge when seeking an earnest, qualified buyer. You need to disclose some specific details about your agency to attract the right buyers. Is it possible to strike the perfect balance between sharing too little and divulging everything? Although it may feel “safer” to handle the sale yourself, middle market insurance agency owners who sold their agency [in 2021] with the help of an M&A advisor netted 55% more from the sale than those who worked alone.

Springtree Group knows how to keep your plans to sell, your agency’s sensitive information, and your employees’ details away from prying eyes. Our procedures and policies were designed to specifically ensure that details about your listing are only delivered to qualified and prepared buyers who have signed mutual Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and M&A Agreements with STG.

All M&A firms claim that they will carefully protect your confidential information. Yet, when we compare our rigorous, comprehensive approach to client confidentiality with our competitors, we remain certain that Springtree Group’s standards are the best in our field.

You will likely be selling your business only one time. The process will be lengthy, especially when we include time spent preparing your agency for sale (find our Due Diligence recommendations here) and zeroing in on vetted and financeable buyers.

Without a doubt, one of the most challenging aspects of selling an insurance agency is negotiating terms with potential buyers while maintaining your privacy. Due to this (and the fact that botched financing is the most common reason deals fail), Springtree Group offers buyers in-house financing programs.

Our financial offerings support buyers specifically within the main street middle-market insurance sphere. We combine our in-depth knowledge of the field and our range of sophisticated financial products to ensure that qualified buyers are adequately funded when they present you with an offer.

Remember that before our team presents you with offers, we will have scrutinized and interviewed the interested and qualified buyers. Once we have carefully screened all contenders, then together, we will decide which buyer(s) look the most promising.

Selecting the appropriate M&A firm is critically important. Confidentiality, financing, experience, and an expansive network of contacts throughout every niche of the insurance industry are benefits you should take for granted once you’ve chosen the right M&A Intermediary.

By choosing Springtree Group, you can do just that. We invite you to partner with us to ensure that you draw in qualified buyers while maintaining strict confidentiality throughout the process of selling your insurance agency.