November 2019 Independent Agency Sales Alert

Welcome, Springtree Group members, to our November 2019 Independent Agency Sales Alert. Each month, we curate potential investment opportunities from those submitted by both our in-house research group and agency owners. Then, we choose leads from our extensive network of:

  • Industry consultants
  • Attorneys
  • Sell-side business brokers
  • Lending underwriters
  • Unsuccessful financing attempts

STG maintains constant communication throughout our expansive information base. This approach allows us to bring you the most up-to-date, stable insurance agencies from around the country.

Compared to the economy of a mere decade back, today’s average American consumer owns significantly more high-value assets, each of which should be insured. Add to that a generation of millennials who are becoming homeowners, and it’s safe to say we’ll see this trend continue to gain momentum.

The M&A market for insurance agencies has experienced healthy growth, largely due to the strengthening of multiples and a steady flow of activity. The seller’s market trend extends back two years and shows no signs of cooling to date. Private Equity remains another of this sector’s strongest drivers; in review, the data reflects nearly 80% of the largest reported transactions have emerged from PE-backed agencies.

Below are three hand-picked agencies we strongly suggest viewing. Move quickly if you are interested; these listings continue to be snagged off the market almost immediately. Please email us at to request this month’s full set of listings (17).


SHOP B: Kentucky: This independent brokerage agency is full-service, specializing in ERISA-based, self-funded plan designs and administration for over 25 years. This agency has kept its focus on providing innovative, cost-conscious products and vendor programs. This owner-operated agency currently has no employees. The owner is willing to continue to shepherd the agency through the transition, working alongside the buyer. Reported Revenue: $175K. Asking Price: 2.75X reported revenue. Tracking Code DKYKJ


SHOP C: Wyoming: This 30-year-old independent insurance agency specializes in oil, gas, and tracking. This agency has carved out a strong presence serving the commercial lines sector, operating in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Oregon, Texas, Nebraska, and more. Carriers include Nationwide, Safeco, Progressive, Foremost, Grange, and more. Currently, the agency’s portfolios are split: 10% personal lines, 90% commercial lines. Reported Revenue: $385K. Asking Price: 3X reported revenue. Tracking Code DWYBS


SHOP J: Pennsylvania: In just five years, this agency has grown to more than $7MM WAP. The primary focus is group and individual health insurance. Recently, this independent agency has begun to offer P&C and life insurance, but the agency’s powerhouse is clearly their health market. The P&C split is 50% personal lines, 50% commercial lines. This agency currently has four employees. Its markets include: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Safeco, Progressive, Liberty Mutual, All Risk, and Commonwealth. Reported Revenue $498K. Asking Price: 2.5X reported revenue. Tracking Code DPAEG

STG also proudly offers buyers access to our extensive financing practice. Should you choose to pursue financing, we highly recommend utilizing our in-house lenders; you’ll see no additional fees, do less work, and be guaranteed significantly better chances of success. Remember, botched financing is not a minor setback; in fact, it’s the number one reason deals fall through.

Your association with STG secures your access to the strongest array of M&A, and financing tools and services that exist today. We look forward to supporting your acquisition, perpetuation, and operational needs anywhere in North America. Today, STG has clients in North America, South America, Africa, Europe, and the Bahamas.

Please email for more information on the three agencies listed in today’s Sales Alert or to request a copy of the full list of our most recent sales listings.