March 2022 Insurance Agency Sales Alert

Insurance Agencies for Sale – New for March 2022

Activity in the insurance M&A market continues to look good for this time of year. In our observation, the seller’s market we’ve been experiencing (for independent insurance agencies) will likely persist for some time. Asking multiples in the last 12 months have been trending higher for independents, with select sellers requesting sales prices nearing 3X of revenue.

In our view and experience, the most effective tactics in deal origination continue to be a multi-level and joint endeavor, using the national approach that Springtree Group provides while also tapping into the local market intelligence that only the client has access to. STG has the tools and connections that allow us to access information about the 90% of sellers that are not openly and publicly communicating their intention to sell.

IMPORTANT: The listings below ARE ONLY A SMALL SAMPLE selected from our current inventory of independent sellers. Our full list of agencies for sale is developed by our research team who works closely with our strategic partners. We also get information about botched financing deals, and from sellers themselves. If you’d like to become an STG Registered Buyer, simply email us at for access to our complete list of agencies for sale.

SHOP A: California – This independent P&C agency has been serving the central CA community for 22 years and is now available for sale. The agency offers the community an alternative, low-cost approach to auto, home, life, and various other insurance products and services. The agency is recognized as an industry and community leader since its inception. There are six employees and three offices. Markets include Kemper, Foremost, Anchor, Dairyland, and more.
Reported Revenue: $1MM / Asking Price: 2.1X of Commission Revenue + 1.5X of Fee revenue / Tracking Code: DCASO


SHOP B: Nebraska. A longstanding, family-owned, P&C agency in Nebraska is now available for purchase. The agency has been doing business since 1977 and has two licensed employees. This agency focuses its business on non-standard auto lines. The location gets a lot of walk-in new business; the sellers believe the location is important to retaining the business. Markets include Progressive, Dairyland, Assurance, Foremost, and more.
Reported Revenue: $126K / Asking Price: 2.3X / Tracking Code: DNECT.


SHOP C: Texas. This Texas Independent P&C agency has been serving the DFW area since 1986. This is a full-service agency with the majority of its business being personal lines home & auto. The agency has four employees who are experienced and bi-lingual. Primary carriers include Nationwide, Allstate, Infinity, Liberty Mutual, and more.
Reported Revenue: $330K / Asking Price: 3X Commission Revenue + 1.5X of Fee revenue /Tracking Code: STXKM

As an insurance M&A intermediary, it is our job to connect insurance agency owners (who are ready to sell) with qualified buyers. We then help facilitate the transition from start to finish.

Remember that STG also has a team solely devoted to locating independent agencies that are for sale. As an interested buyer, it can be challenging to know where to look when many independent agency owners haven’t listed their agency publicly (usually for confidentiality reasons). Even though up to 90% of current agency owners keep news about the sale of their agency under wraps, they trust Springtree Group with the information because they know we are great at what we do.

We are a business intermediary in an extremely specific business genre and that has allowed us to really hone our knowledge and skills regarding insurance agency transition events. Connecting with Springtree Group will provide you with a complete program of acquisition process development, surrounded by a full suite of financing tools in this very specific and hard to finance insurance agent and brokerage space.