Independent Insurance Agency Sales Alert – January 2021

Welcome to 2021’s first monthly issue of Springtree Group’s Insurance Agency Sales Alerts. A hearty congratulations goes out those who were part of STG’s near-record M&A activity in 2020!

As the calendar year has changed, we are reminded of those interested buyers who reached out to us in November and December, hoping to close a deal by year’s end. Even under normal circumstances, that is a very lofty goal – one we’d love to accomplish, of course! However, it is in our clients’ best interest to know that starting the process as early as possible is always the best choice, especially when you have a finish date in mind, and now more than ever, with most steps being completed digitally.

Make no mistake – the insurance M&A market is looking strong for the year ahead! We also know that that holds no weight if you don’t know where to start. Whether you’re on your third or fourth deal or just testing the insurance industry waters – where can you find agencies for sale? Which agencies are a good fit for you? This is where Springtree Group steps in. We are a team of insurance industry specialists serving buyers and sellers in the insurance community specifically for this purpose.

The listings below are only a few of the independents discovered through our in-house research. These opportunities are only available through STG. If you’re interested in our complete list of agencies for sale each month, simply email us to join our STG Buyers List. It’s free to join and there are no strings attached.

SHOP A: Florida: A Florida Health Agency that offers Health Insurance (including Medicare) throughout the state of Florida is now available. The agency is a full-service individual Health Agency with a focus on individual and Medicare products. We were excited to secure this listing; we believe it will move extremely quickly.
Reported Revenue: $735K / Asking Price: 2.25X of Revenue. Tracking Code: DFLBK


SHOP B: California: This listing is for a P&C and Medicare book of business based in Southern California that has been doing business for 50 years. This book can be moved as all the business is done via phone, email, etc. making it an ideal fold-in candidate. Carrier appointments include Anthem, Progressive, GeoVera and more.
Reported Revenue: $35K / Asking Price: $65K. Tracking Code: MCALK


SHOP C: California: A full-service independent agency located in the California Valley, this agency was started from scratch in 2009 and is a full-service agency for any insurance need. The agency currently has one full time and one part time employee.  The agency holds direct appointments with Progressive, Travelers, Kemper and many more.
Reported Revenue: $170K ($35K Fees) / Asking Price: 2.25X of Commission Revenue and 1X of Fee revenue / Tracking Code: DCAEG


IMPORTANT: Springtree Group also has a robust financing practice. If you need financing, we highly recommend utilizing our lenders. We will integrate your M&A project in with your financing. Botched financing is the number one reason deals fail, which is why we offer financing to our buyers who need it.

By working with STG you will have access to the strongest array of M&A and financial tools and services available to support your acquisition, perpetuation, and operational needs in any part of North America. We proudly work with insurance agency buyers and sellers in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and the Bahamas. Please email for more information on the agencies listed in today’s alert, or for access to our complete list of agencies for sale.