Independent Agencies Sales Alerts – August 2018 Edition

As summer winds to a close, we are pleased to share this excerpt from the STG Insurance Agent Sales Alerts publication, which provides STG Registered Buyers with a list of insurance agencies for sale across the country. The independent agencies seller’s market continues to be prevalent. We attribute the continuing strength in agency M&A activity to significant consumer and market confidence in this space and the general strength of the U.S. economy.

Overall agency valuations are improving, primarily because of heavy pressure by the increasing number of well-funded bidders in the market including strong Private Equity interest, coupled with the many national players purchasing successful agencies. This buyer pressure, combined with historically advantageous interest rates and positive multiple arbitrage, are driving up asking prices for most agencies.

The listings below are a sample of some of the independents discovered through our research or provided to us during the last 30 days.Our sources for potential opportunities for you come through our ever-growing group of sell side intermediaries, broken financing deals and our market research group. This pipeline is supplemented by our network of consultants, attorneys, CPAs, bankers, DOIs, PEGs and direct contact by sellers. STG provides you with the broadest insight available into new buying opportunities in the insurance space. Upon request, we will provide our clients access to previous month’s and off cycle listings.

SHOP B: Tampa, Florida – An exciting opportunity to own a highly respected Third-Party Administrator (TPA) providing Administrative Services to Employers for fully insured group Medicare retiree medical plans. Group Retiree Medical plans have matured into a nationally recognized niche product. Provides services to 150 groups and 4,800 retirees. Extraordinary Cross sell opportunity. Reported Revenue $654K / Asking Price $979K.

SHOP G: Port Charlotte, Florida – This is an exciting block of business but made up of Medicare Supplement clients. This is a very profitable business niche in the Florida market place. The owner is happy to engage with the buyer for a period post close to make sure the block is carefully transitioned. Markets include, Aetna, United Healthcare and Humana. Asking Price ~2X of Revenue / Reported Revenue $50K.

SHOP H: Northeastern Ohio – A strong well established preferred lines P&C shop is now available. Offers home, auto, renters, business insurance along with bonds and personal liability coverage. Special commercial lines focus in Schools, Artisan and Wholesale. Great markets including; Liberty, Travelers, CNA, SafeCo and others. Reported Revenue $340K / Asking Price ~2X of Reported Revenue.

Additional opportunities exist nationwide, including independent insurance agencies for sale in Massachusetts, New York, Texas, Colorado, Arizona and California. Being associated with STG provides you access to the strongest array of M&A and financial tools and services available to support your acquisition, perpetuation and operational needs in any part of North America. We also proudly serve customers in South America, Europe and the Bahamas. Please visit our contact page here to request more information about our services and available insurance agency acquisition opportunities.