Independent Agencies Sales Alert – Second June 2018 Off Cycle Edition

Welcome to a second special edition Off Cycle Sales Alert for the month of June 2018. Our research staff has been very busy and has continued to uncover buying opportunities in the insurance agency market. We did not want to wait until the July Sales Alert publication before sharing the information with readers who may be considering an insurance agency acquisition. Please move fast if you are interested.

Northern Utah – This a fantastic independent, long standing Utah based full service agency doing business in 27 states. The agency has been doing business since 2002 and continues to grow year after year. This agency is a full-service agency with 95% of the book being standard lines. There are 5 employees that will continue on post sale. Markets include Auto Owners, Progressive, Safeco United and others. Asking Price 2X of Revenue / Reported Revenue $600K.

San Francisco, California – A high tech and established P&C agency is now for sale. Clients are primarily Technology, Construction and Real Estate development. Agency uses a variety of technology tools to improve efficiencies and is entirely digital (no paper). The owner is happy to engage with the buyer for continuing employment if requested. 100% standard line products through, National General. Networked Insurance Agents, Arrowhead and others. Asking Price 2X of revenue / Reported Revenue $44K.

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