How to Sell Your Insurance Book of Business Without Retiring

As the insurance industry continues to experience temporary shifts due to the pressures of the pandemic, we have been approached by agency owners who want to sell their insurance book of business but aren’t interested in retiring immediately. Springtree Group can help you negotiate a deal that permits you to step back in stages over the next decade while remaining on-staff in a management capacity.

If you are in your 50s or 60s, you are nearing your retirement age. You may want to sell your agency now, but continue to save for your retirement. Springtree Group’s extensive network of motivated, fully-funded buyers provides the ideal market for sellers who want to continue working in management  under their agency’s new owners.

There are several scenarios in which selling your agency should precede retirement, to wit:

  • You are not willing to risk your personal capital reserves, or aren’t able to generate the capital to propel your agency into this next decade
  • You would like to focus on management without the stress of ownership
  • You would like to enjoy the advantages of joining a larger insurance agency group’s umbrella
  • You want to spend less time working, approaching retirement gradually over the next decade

In these cases, a sales arrangement can be crafted to allow you to continue to steer your hard-earned book of business along the same paths of success you’ve created while simultaneously scaling back your investment of both time and finances.

Springtree Group is prepared to generate interest in your BOB among our network of buyers. Projections indicate that our nation’s economy should begin a return to normalcy by this summer; if you are eager in completing an M&A transaction within the next 12 months, it’s crucial that you prepare as swiftly as possible.

Ideally, the owner of a private insurance agency can be preparing for a sale as far as 3 years in advance. These preparations involve the following:

  • Maintaining fastidiously organized files
  • Creating a stable environment for staff and management
  • Demonstrating healthy financials with both sales and financials trending up
  • Eliminating liens and any other forms of debt
  • Ensuring that your agents are all capable of seamless remote work
  • Generating and maintaining excellent relationships with clients

If you wish to sell within the next year, we urge you to reach out to Springtree Group’s team of advisors. Our decades of experience in mergers and acquisitions will allow us to offer you tailored guidance in creating an ideal sales strategy, navigating negotiations, and handling the copious paperwork involved at each stage of your sale.

We cannot overstate the importance of working with a broker that is narrowly focused on private insurance agencies. We are highly skilled in determining your agency’s true market value and will match your agency with buyers who are ideally suited to step in as owners who will be pleased to keep you on as managers or advisors.

We understand how much of your agency’s success is due to your own hard work, so we will ensure that your best interests are protected at each turn. To learn more about selling your insurance book of business while continuing to work (for now), reach out to us at your convenience.