How to Narrow Your Search Criteria for an Insurance Agency Acquisition

When you decide to purchase an existing business, it’s important that you narrow your acquisition targets to two or three sectors. By being selective about the markets that are ideal for your skills and interests, you can quickly target the business that would be the most advantageous investment. Casting too wide a net will likely overwhelm your capacity to select prime businesses, leaving you missing out on the best insurance agency acquisition opportunities for you.

From our experience in partnering with buyers once they’ve exhausted themselves in solo searching, we can say that working to find investments on your own will most likely be disappointing and frustrating. We’ve frequently learned that buyers will spin their wheels for months or years without locating an ideal—or even workable—insurance agency for sale.

In contrast to these fruitless endeavors, working with Springtree Group ensures that you’ll have a personal guide who is fully prepared to lead you through the selection process. Our team will present you with insurance agencies that best suit your financial situation and level of desired personal involvement in the agency’s day-to-day operations.

If you were to attempt to purchase an insurance agency on your own, you would be required to:

  • Source beneficial investment opportunities
  • Perform due diligence on each agency
  • Organize your own financing (keeping in mind that failed financing is the most common reason for such transactions to fail)
  • Complete large amounts of paperwork at each stage, from offer to closing
  • Manage to accomplish these steps quickly – before the best agencies are snapped up by buyers who are working through and with brokers

These efforts are time-consuming and labor-intensive. Instead of venturing into the market alone, partner with Springtree Group. We’ll decimate your workload at each stage of the investment process. We will ensure that you are never overwhelmed or derailed from your other pressing life priorities.

Taking over an existing agency will doubtless present as a learning curve. However, we are happy to assist you by asking key questions about staffing, procedures, books of business, and local markets before you complete your purchase.

If you are looking for an agency whose owners are willing to work with you for anywhere from a month up to a year after you have acquired it, please inform us when you first contact us. We do work with some owners who are personally invested in their agency’s success and prefer to stay on as managers to ensure a smooth, mutually beneficial transition.

If you are planning to acquire an independent insurance agency in late 2021 or anytime in 2022, you’re just in time to begin the process. Reach out to Springtree Group today, and we’ll help you get started with our in-house financing department, insurance agency acquisition team, and personal advisors.

Don’t go it alone when such beneficial assistance is here at your fingertips. We’re here to ensure you have a successful foray into this niche, lucrative investment sector.