February 2019 Off-Cycle Sales Alert: Insurance Agencies for Sale

This month’s Off-Cycle Sales Alert is for potentially interested buyers for whom waiting until next month is undesirable. Keep in mind that we have a much larger list of agencies for sale that we share with all of our Registered Buyers. To gain access to the list, all you have to do is reach out to Springtree Group via email. The nature of insurance agency sales lends to the reality that the majority of listings are never made public. This is due to the need for confidentiality.

Although it can seem impossible to find the right agency for purchase when so few are publicly listed for sale, the reality is that buying an agency is so much easier when you work with an intermediary like Springtree Group. We have our feelers out at all times and our network is expansive, which means we are literally one of the first to know when an agency becomes available. If you’re contemplating buying an insurance agency, please contact us ASAP so that we can tell you more about the agencies that we currently have information about. The M&A market is booming, and agencies are moving really fast.

This month’s off-cycle highlighted insurance agency is located in Southwest Florida. Details about the agency are as follows:

This Southwest Florida agency is highly desirable and has developed a long-standing reputation. It has been well-established and thriving in its Southwest Florida marketplace since 1997. The current agency owner worked at the agency for 18 years prior to purchasing it in 2009. This agency has a good mix of home and auto clients that are set up to pay through EFT. Along with high retention rates, this shop holds direct appointments with Progressive, Foremost, Kemper, Hagerty, Infinity and more. Reported Revenue: $60K / Asking Price: $110K. Tracking code: MMFLBB

In the event that you are new to Springtree Group, or if you simply missed our February Sales Alert post, take a moment to view the agencies that were highlighted earlier in the month here. In addition to our featured agencies for sale, there are additional exciting listings across the country. When you work with a strong intermediary like STG, you’ll have access to incredible tools that will ensure that you purchase the insurance agency that’s right for you. Springtree Group supports insurance agency acquisitions, perpetuations and operational needs throughout all of North America, as well as parts of South America, Europe and the Bahamas.

Interested in the listing shared today and/or learning more about our complete list of independent insurance agencies for sale? Simply email us directly at: Sam@SpringtreeGroup.com. We look forward to partnering with you!