Buying a Remote Insurance Agency? How to Make it Work for You and Your Team

When the pandemic first fully gripped the globe in 2020, companies throughout the world made the switch to remote work—also dubbed working from home—to remain operational. Now that the tide is turning, there remains a push from both fiscally conscious businesses and their workers alike to continue to work from home. Given this strong trend, you may be wondering if it’s time to make a strategic move. Buying a remote insurance agency in 2022 may, indeed, be a savvy choice. Let’s break down how to make it work for you and your team.

  1. Access Unlimited Hiring Options

As we bear in mind that many applicants now wish to remain remote workers, being a fully remote agency will only benefit your search for your staff.

Once your hiring pool is no longer limited to applicants within thirty miles of your base of operation, you’ll be able to hire the remote worker who is truly best for each position.

Additionally, the cost of searching for and hiring new talent is significantly reduced for remote businesses as compared to traditional brick-and-mortar establishments.

Imagine: while other agencies may be reluctant to outsource their talent, you’ll be nabbing the cream of the crop from anywhere in the nation.

  1. See a Huge Reduction in Operational Costs

Clearly your overhead costs will plummet if you do not have to lease and maintain offices. Office furnishings? Likewise nonexistent.

Instead, your costs can be funneled into expanding your book of business, growing your team, adding to your product offerings, honing your insurtech capabilities, and improving your customer service response. As a result, your customer satisfaction will rise, further propelling your success in our technology-based economy.

  1. Loop Niche Experts in Effortlessly

Once you have any of your staff working remotely, it’s practically effortless to incorporate additional employees and consultants. Consequently, anytime you wish to work with a niche consultant, you’ll find that looping them in with the rest of your team is a frictionless experience.

  1. Gain a Fierce Competitive Advantage

A remote business is fundamentally more agile than a brick-and-mortar agency. Whether you wish to expand or downsize, chase a new market, or add to your product offerings, you’ll find that your agency’s remote capabilities will give you the competitive edge against less flexible companies.

Springtree Group has helped insurance agencies shift to remote work in order to ensure that their business could survive pandemic regulations, and we’ve seen the benefits they’ve reaped. We have also witnessed—and helped them overcome—the challenges they’ve encountered during the transition period.

If you’re ready to buy a remote agency, there is no team of experts better equipped to assist you than the Springtree Group team. From locating prime agencies to financing your bid and approaching your new venture with a plan to sustain you in your first five years, we are ready to help you succeed. Contact us today.