Insurance M&A and Agency Financing Solutions

The Springtree Group is a company of entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs. We offer a full spectrum of Mergers & Acquisition, lending and financial performance services and products to Agents, Brokers and support companies.

As a privately owned firm we consult, finance, invest, acquire and sell in insurance related businesses. Our mission is clear and universal. We work to face reality as it is, not as it was, or how we wish it were. We work to be candid with everyone we meet. We work our best to foresee change and course correct before we must. If we do not have a competitive advantage, we do not compete. We control our own destiny, knowing if we do not, someone else will.

Our dominate portfolio mix includes providing unique packages of Mergers & Acquisitions services complemented with loan packages. Financing can be accomplished through equity or debit. The use of equity, commissions and or hard assets can be utilized as collateral. We also supply an impressive group of financially related services customized for this space focused on enhancing the financial performance of the firm.

We are very proud of the long list of nationally known Strategic Partners that have chosen STG to partner with in support of this business sector. We highly value the ability to partner with national experts in certain STG product portfolio components. As with all of our offerings our Strategic Partner services and products are custom developed and provided exclusively for the insurance Agent and Brokerage community.

The professionals associated with the Springtree Group possess decades of successful experience in managing, securing growth capital, acquiring, investing and operating companies in this space. Our experience ranges from early stage, high growth ventures to Fortune 50 firms. We offer a unique perspective resulting from having built, managed and sold our own companies.

We are committed to providing fresh options to business owners that will not be found with any other organization. Call us now with any financial or operational questions relating to your Agency or Brokerage.

When you need more than one answer for your M&A and financial questions, call STG at (972) 395-8811 or contact us online to request a call from one of our associates.