Springtree Group (STG) specializes in helping insurance entrepreneurs with buying, selling and financing insurance agencies. In our daily conversations with clients, the two most common questions from agency owners are, “Will you finance an agency or brokerage operation?” and “Do you know of any agencies for sale”?

There is a prevalent and justified concern in the insurance space that open knowledge of a seller’s intent to sell will negatively impact customers, employees and insurance markets. The same information will very positively impact the competition. This is the reason that 90% of all insurance agency sales in the U.S. trade without public knowledge that a given agency is for sale. STG has developed a significant specialty in supporting insurance entrepreneurs in locating these hidden sellers.

Insurance Agency Sales Alert Services

We employ a variety of deal origination tools for our Registered Buyers, including the monthly and Off Cycle Sales Alerts publication, as well as individualized outbound telemarketing services. Our sources for opportunities come through our in-house research group and direct contact by and to sellers. This pipeline of agencies for sale is supplemented by our large network (5,000) of sell-side business brokers, DOIs, industry consultants, attorneys, and our lending underwriters. The pipeline is also added to significantly by the STG financing division (broken financing deals). This combination of sources provides the broadest insight available into new buying opportunities in the insurance space.

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