Independent insurance agency owners know that getting the capital they need to expand their business or complete an acquisition can be a challenge. Lenders will rarely provide insurance agencies with the necessary funding, which can make it difficult for insurance agencies to grow and prosper.  Springtree Group appreciates that insurance agency owners need to have access to funding and provides a number of uniquely tailored loan packages to help them realize their goals. Our highly specialized lending portfolio mix is designed to provide agencies with the financial resources they need to further their business.

business loans for independent insurance agenciesIndependent brokers and insurance agency owners face a unique challenge, in that banks and other lending entities rarely furnish businesses with capital unless those businesses have hard assets available. Springtree Group’s diverse portfolio of loan packages addresses this problem. Rather than insisting that those we lend to have hard assets, we allow our clients to use combinations of seller notes, commissions and hard assets as collateral. This is the kind of flexibility that insurance agencies need to secure capital.

Springtree Group is also flexible in the types of loan packages we have available. We offer traditional business loans, SBA-backed loans, equity packages, as well as a number of packages from select specialty lenders. We carefully select the lending organizations we work with, ensuring that our clients have multiple liquidity options. Our aim is to provide clients with flexibility and security.

Springtree Group’s many funding resources were designed and selected with our clients’ needs in mind. We appreciate that business owners have different visions for their businesses and we want to give them the flexibility and the resources they need to realize those visions. For more information about the funding resources we have available, please call our office at (972) 395-8811 or contact us online.