We are highly encouraged by the strong activity we see in our growing group of Registered Buyers. Springtree Group (STG) contracts with more than 200 buying groups that have been financially vetted and contracted, and have binding NDA agreements. Generally, our Registered Buyers are looking for firms under $5 million in commission revenues.

Springtree Group not only financially vets the Registered Buyer but also orchestrates the financing of these deals through one of the 27 (2015) loan underwriting teams affiliated with STG. Registered Buyers have the ability to move quickly and can provide purchase terms with limited contingencies. One of the biggest frustrations for sellers is moving through the sales process with a buyer only to find the buyer cannot qualify for financing to complete the purchase.

Financing Options for Independent Agencies

Financing is a critical need for agencies in this size range. Springtree Group is the largest company in the U.S. to offer a varied portfolio of custom-built loan packages and services to specifically support the U.S. insurance agent community.

STG represents hundreds of Registered Buyers across North America looking for agencies of all sizes. If you are a sell-side intermediary representing agency sellers, or if you own an agency and want to have access to the very best selection of qualified and financially viable buyers, please call Springtree Group at (972) 395-8811. We can assure you:

  • Secure confidentiality
  • Financial viability
  • Process Precision

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