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The independent insurance agency market continues to be robust. The continuing strength in agency M&A activity can be attributed to significant consumer and market confidence in this space, which is a great sign for the insurance industry as a whole.

Insurance agency valuations are increasing overall, primarily because of heavy pressure by the rising number of well-funded bidders in the market. These interested parties include strong private equity interest along with national players interested in purchasing successful agencies. The buyer pressure combined with historically positive multiple arbitrages is driving up asking prices for most agencies, in particular on both the east and west coast.

Springtree Group sources potential opportunities for you via our ever-growing group of sell side intermediaries, broken financing deals, and our market research group. This pipeline is supplemented by our network of consultants, attorneys, CPAs, bankers, DOIs, PEGs, and direct contact with sellers. STG provides the broadest insight into new buying opportunities in the independent insurance space.

The listings below are ONLY A SAMPLE of the current open inventory of independent insurance agencies discovered through our processes.

SHOP A: California. An independent, long-standing, Property & Casualty agency in Central California is now available for purchase. Eighty-five percent personal lines and 15% commercial lines. One employee for 8 years (CSR) may be willing to stay. Primary carriers include Progressive, Travelers, Nationwide, Kemper, Pacific Specialty, Foremost, and more! The owner is willing to continue for 1 year if desired.
Reported Revenue: $100K / Asking Price: 2.4X / Tracking Code: DCAMF


SHOP B: Idaho. We are excited about this 45-year-old independent Property and Casualty agency available in the state of Idaho. We have a high demand for agencies in this area, but very few are available. Primary markets include Foremost, Dairyland, Oregon Mutual, Progressive, and more. Five percent Commercial and 95% Personal lines.
Reported Revenue: $183K / Asking Price: 2.5X / Tracking Code: DIDDO


SHOP D: Virginia. Here we have an Independent P&C Agency that is being spun off from a larger national agency. The agency has two salaried employees that will stay – one licensed and one in process. Uses Applied EPIC. Primary carriers include Progressive, Trexis, National General, Travelers, Foremost, and more.
Reported Revenue: $194K (includes $21,500 in fees) / Asking Price: 2.5X / Tracking Code: SVAMM

If you need financing, we highly recommend utilizing our lenders. STG will integrate your M&A project seamlessly with the appropriate financing. Utilizing our network of lenders is smart because you’ll save time and work by integrating the processes together.

Financing deals that go south are the top reason insurance M&A deals fall through, but by partnering with Springtree Group, you’ll have access to the strongest array of M&A and financial tools and services available. We proudly facilitate deals in North America, South America, Europe, and the Bahamas. Please email us at or visit our website at for additional information on services and opportunities.